The Youth Summit will address the topic of implicit bias or the bias in attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors based on limiting or stereotypical perceptions, often at an unconscious level. Implicit biases are so pervasive because everyone has them and they are built on socially constructed messaging that may be unfounded. They may not even align with our declared beliefs or ideas that we consciously endorse. There can be devastating consequences when people in power have implicit biases against people of certain ability, age, race, or appearances. Police officers, teachers, politicians, judges, doctors, creative directors all have immense power (criminal sentencing, criminalizing pre-schoolers of color, withholding pain medications, etc.) that can affect the lives of people whether it is directly or indirectly. The workshop will show youth that implicit biases can be unlearned. This session will focus on using hands on tools to promote the unlearning of learned biases. Youth attending the summit will be able to create visual art and performance art to address the issue of implicit bias in our society.

Please note that registration is restricted for this workshop. Please email for more information.

25th Annual Summit Workshops: