Committee Overview

The EC Education Committee supports district and county-wide efforts in achieving equitable education for all learners. The EC Education Committee informs, equips, and mobilizes diverse stakeholders throughout Los Angeles County and the Second Supervisorial District around local, state, and federal educational issues and solutions.


  1. Increase stakeholders’ awareness of efforts and strategies that promote accessible and sustainable quality educational and special needs services and resources.
  2. Educate and engage constituents on educational issues – Prenatal through 12, Alternative and Nontraditional Learners, Higher Education, Adult Education and Occupational Training, and to work collectively to develop practical solutions and advocate for change.
  3. Collaborate and expand partnerships with EC committees, local businesses and organizations to explore options and strategies to increase educational accessibility and achievement.


  • Increasing accessible quality early childhood education services
  • Removing obstacles and barriers to learning that may prevent students considered at-risk from receiving equitable educational opportunities
  • Building cradle to college/career pipelines
  • Addressing the effects of trauma on learning and workforce readiness
  • Strengthening parent engagement and community supports

Printable version of the Education Committee fact sheet.