City Councilmember Susan K. Shepherd, District 1, City of Denver, CO
Rebecca Caldwell, Marketing & Community Outreach, Skinner Middle School
Nita Gonzales, Executive Director, Escuela Tlatelolco
Gene Lucero, Lucero Financial Group & 28th Avenue Merchants Association
Jordan Trainor, Council and Policy Aide, District 1, City of Denver, CO
Janine Vanderburg, President, JVA Consulting

The Northsiders have been working with community members from Denver’s North Denver community to engage community leaders and elected representatives to achieve goals, but is hoping to work toward a broader mission and vision that ties all interests together. The Northsiders hope to empower all residents to create and participate in a movement to enhance quality of life. This team has been working with the North Denver community as it has gone through changes in demographics, home prices, and property values due to new developments in the community. In order to help these residents feel empowered and ensure they have a voice in the decision-making process, the Northsiders hope to unite residents around a positive, inclusive community-building agenda. The specific project they are working on now involves creating a branding, marketing, and communications strategy to promote and strengthen “the Northside” and broaden communications between different groups using innovative and low-cost tools.

Participating Teams: