Mayor Aja Brown, City of Compton
Father Francisco Valdovinos, Our Lady of Victory Catholic Church
Melissa Freeny, Liaison to Mayor Brown, City of Compton
Randy Hughes, President, Friends & Neighbors Community Club
Rafer Owens, Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff and Pastor at Faith Inspirational Missionary Baptist

Over the last 20 years, the city of Compton has been labeled an unsafe, violence-ridden community. This is due in large part to a small but fervent gang population, compounded by a general lack of community involvement.

Vision for Compton Team aims to tackle this overwhelming issue with a comprehensive community approach involving youth programs, sport clinics, mentorships and initiatives with the Compton Unified School District in an effort to prevent youth from accepting gang life and human trafficking. A key piece of the approach is a newly-implemented community policing initiative called the Town Sheriff program, which allows residents of Compton to have a direct point of contact in the event of neighborhood danger or crime. Ultimately, this team aims to ensure that residents have the resources to take back their communities so that families are safe at parks, public facilities, and outside the gates of our schools.

Participating Teams: