City Councilmember Jonathan Austin, District 5, City of Birmingham, AL
City Councilmember Sheila Tyson, District 6, City of Birmingham, AL
Karen Dawson, Program Manager for Community Engagement and Neighborhood Development, Friends of West End
Courtney Hunter, Committee Assistant, District 5, City of Birmingham, AL
Brandon McCray, Committee Assistant, District 6, City of Birmingham, AL
Terri Sharpley, Community Leader

Birmingham’s downtown has experienced some reinvestment and revitalization, but local citizens have not been feeling the impact. Many citizens feel isolated from the policy making process at City Hall. Building on their years of community leadership, the Birmingham Dream Team is dedicated to elevating the voices of citizens while encouraging elected officials, corporate leaders, and civic leaders to actively listen and be community-oriented. They look to build synergy among these different constituencies to promote more geographically balanced economic development and to solidify a community-wide approach to identify and address issues.

Participating Teams: