City Councilmember Erica Gilmore, District 19, City of Nashville, TN
State Assembly Representative, Brenda Gilmore, District 54, State of Tennessee
Dr. Sekou Franklin, Community Activist and Professor at Middle Tennessee State University
Roseanne Hayes, Executive Assistant for the Davidson County Metropolitan Council
Tonya Sherrell, Community Activist

Nashville Music City Team has focused on issues of crime, youth violence, obesity, and public transportation. The team’s work with community groups, elected officials, and City officials resulted in greater police protection, code enforcement, and civic engagement in the North Nashville community. They also host an annual event to promote healthy foods and lifestyles to youth in the community. The Team is currently working with other City officials to improve transportation and increase economic development. The Team also hopes to learn about best practices for reducing youth violence and improving access to healthy and sustainable foods.

Participating Teams: