County Commissioner David Garcia, District 2, Doña Ana County, NM
Sr. Maria Isabel Galbe, Community Member, Chaparral Community
Mary Ann Galindo, Community Member, La Union Community
Claudia Marez, Doña Ana County Department of Health & Human Services
Mario Leonel Meraz, Community Member, Radium Springs Community
Silvia Sierra, Doña Ana County Department of Health & Human Services

Doña Ana County – Quality of Life Initiative is working to build a community-oriented Quality of Life Initiative and Empowerment Congress in Doña Ana County. So far, this has included a large-scale conference on the meaning of quality of life and community engagement, community meetings, and an Empowerment Congress workshop. The goal is to connect residents of historically underfunded communities with resources from organizations, governments, and elected officials. The Initiative hopes to create a process that will allow communities to be more civically engaged, and resource providers to partner with the community. The Initiative hopes to better understand the Empowerment Congress and also learn more about community-organization-government collaborations.

Participating Teams: