City Councilmember Jerry Davis, District B, City of Houston, TX
Rachel Andress‐Davis, Pharmacist, Target
Kelly Bukolt, Director of Marketing and Special Events, Making it Better
Bryan Smart, Director of Community Affairs, Council Member Jerry Davis
Lee Zieben, President and Founder, The Affordable Housing Group

The neighborhood of Trinity/Houston Gardens is one of three “Super Neighborhoods” that collaborated with the Department of Planning and Development to create a comprehensive community plan tailored to the unique needs of Northeast Houston.  District B – Houston is focused on increasing economic development and employment opportunities for all residents. Two of their biggest projects are to attract mixed income housing into the district and revitalize a local apartment community, and to redevelop a dilapidated shopping complex into something the community needs and wants, such as an anchor grocery store. The ultimate goal of District B – Houston is to see residents able to learn, live, eat, play, and work in their community.

Participating Teams: