Exploring the Qualities, Behaviors and Characteristics of an Admired Man: Why it Matters to our Communities

IMG_5682The “Admired Man Why?” workshop led by Dr. Chris Hickey, Sr. activated the collective thoughts of the Empowerment Congress Education Committee on why “admired men” matter to our communities.

Motivated by the admired men in his personal life and those he encountered through his research, Dr. Hickey shared specific qualities that cause a man to be respected.  This workshop inspired and encouraged men and women to understand and embrace the personal “Quality, Behavior and Characteristics (QBC)” that inspire others to admire them. Furthermore, the conversation was expanded to understand how the QBC relates to life and leadership skills of admired men and women. The audience engaged in questions and answers while sharing positive experiences about admired men.

Why admired men matter to our communities?

  • Children with involved fathers are 40% less likely to repeat a grade in school
  • Children with involved fathers are 70% less likely to drop out of school
  • Children with involved fathers are more likely to get A’s in school