For decades controversy has surrounded the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s use of force.  Other jurisdictions have created independent civilian oversight commissions and inspectors general in order to build public trust.  In a decades-long process within the City of Los Angeles, these measures are credited with reforming the LAPD and restoring public confidence in City law enforcement.   Short of the Board of Supervisors, Los Angeles County has neither an inspector general nor civilian commission that can amplify the public’s voice and hold the independently elected Sheriff accountable.  The purpose of this workshop is to illustrate how civilian oversight of law enforcement agencies can enhance accountability and promote structural reform that yields modern, constitutional policing.

Confirmed Panelists:

John Mack, Moderator
Commissioner, Los Angeles Police Department

Miriam Krinsky
Former Executive Director, Los Angeles County Citizens’ Commission on Jail Violence

Patrisse Cullors
Lead Organizer, Coalition to End Sheriff Violence in LA County Jails

Brian Moriguchi
President, Professional Peace Officers Association (PPOA)

Samuel Paz
Civil Rights Attorney, Law Offices of Samuel Paz