The EC Land Use & Environment Committee comprehensively addresses environmental justice concerns and opportunities in the Second Supervisorial District particularly in the areas of affordable housing, water and energy efficiency, transportation and access to green spaces. The committee partners with the Second District on key issues impacting the environment and health of the community, provides environmental education, and engages residents with land use projects.


  1. Educate and inform the community about key land use and environmental initiatives impacting the Second Supervisorial District.
  2. Support the work and activities/events of the individual EC Land Use and Environment Committee Members and the community.
  3. Identify emerging environmental health issues in the Second Supervisorial District and determine how to influence and develop policy.
  4. Conduct community outreach and facilitate community input on land use projects in the greater South Los Angeles region.


  • Addressing the affordable housing shortage.
  • Creating open spaces for dialogue around gentrification and its impact on communities.
  • Protecting tenants’ rights in times of change.
  • Linking affordable housing with the development of open spaces.

Click here for a printable version of the Land Use & Environment Committee fact sheet.