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The Crisis is Deepening:  We Need to Bring Our “A” Game
By Mark Ridley-Thomas, PhD
Originally included in the July 29, 2022 Praxis newsletter

For the past few months I have sought to make the following points: 1.) homelessness is the most pressing moral crisis we face in this region; 2.) the likelihood of effectively addressing this crisis without cooperation between City and County government is slim to none; and 3.) homelessness is an intersectional issue and there are many points of entrance to seek real solutions.

Today, I wish to succinctly make the point that homelessness is NOT static, but rather, it is dynamic. In other words, the factors that inform homelessness are ever-changing. From the real estate market, to the extent of public subsidies, to the most current and lethal forms of substance abuse, to the state of the economy and even more—this vexing subject requires vigilance. Toward that end, please review and discuss the following articles with the intent to make a dent in this human tragedy.

Where Caring is Top
Homeless People Wait as Los Angeles Lets Thousands of Federal Housing Vouchers Go Unused
Homeless People Need Reproductive Care
Doctors’ New Tool to Treat Homeless People
Homelessness Rises Faster Where Rent Exceeds a Third of
I’d be interested in your views any of the above articles. Feel free to drop me a note
at as we have a lot of work to do and not a lot of time to do it. Stated
differently, “We must work while it is yet day, for the night comes when no one can work.”