Committee Overview

The Health Committee has currently paused its monthly meetings. Please join our mailing list for up-to-date committee information.

Learn more about the committee and see where you can join us at upcoming meetings and events.

Upcoming Meetings & Events

About the Committee

The EC Health Committee monitors issues impacting the health and wellness of the community, as well as legislative policies affecting residents, in order to mobilize the community to take action.


  1. Collaborate and link community organizations and stakeholders with one another through the Empowerment Congress Health Committee.
    1. Host monthly committee meetings, special events, and subcommittee meetings, as needed.
    2. Partner with community-based organizations.
    3. Support the work and activities/events of the individual EC Health Committee members and the community at large.
  2. Educate and inform the community about key health policies and initiatives, in an effort to reduce health inequities.
    1. Promote awareness of existing and emerging health topics.
    2. Provide information and resources to increase knowledge on current health policies and initiatives.
  3. Advance emerging health issues to determine how to influence and develop policy.
    1. Identify, prioritize, and advocate for health issues impacting the community.

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