The Empowerment Congress’ work is driven by several guiding principles that serve as the foundation for our community engagement strategies. Click the image below for a downloadable version of the principles.

Empowerment Congress Guiding Principles; click to download

Active participation in public life, community service, and the political process to promote social justice locally and globally, while employing empathy, ethics, values, and a sense of social responsibility.

The notion that individuals gain power by engaging and becoming active in their communities and their government; and that power, in and of itself, does not exist in isolation nor is it inherent in individuals but is created in the following relationship types: individual, familial, communal, and political.

Appropriate and effective communication and behavior to engage community stakeholders with respect and in a spirit of collaboration, even when there is disagreement.

Active participation and advocacy in the democratic process to confront and address systemic inequities, achieve social justice, and cause positive change.

The collective and shared responsibility of community stakeholders and elected officials to achieve desired community outcomes and social justice.

A demonstrated focus on helping and attending to the needs of others; use of certain abilities or gifts to serve as an instrument for the benefit and improvement of society. Servant leadership is fundamentally about service rather than power or ego.