Reinvent Stockton

Councilmember Michael Tubbs, District 6, Stockton, CA
Hector Lara, Site Director, Community Partnership for Families of San Joaquin, Dorothy L. Jones Family Resource Center
Carol Ornelas, CEO, Visionary HomeBuilders of California
Christopher Prado, Community Organizer, Pico Network: People and Congregations Togethe
Shani Richards, Community & Legislative Affairs Liaison, Health Plan of San Joaquin
Kennetha Stevens, Volunteer Community Organizer

The City of Stockton is currently running three city-wide engagement initiatives:

  1. The Ask Stockton campaign to help set future priorities;
  2. The BMOC Alliance to help improve outcomes for boys and men of color; and
  3. The Black Community Crusade to organize and mobilize the African American community.

Reinvent Stockton is looking to create a place-based community engagement process that complements these other efforts and is sustainable. District 6 has its own share of challenges, including poverty, education, crime, unemployment, and apathy. Some of our goals are to see a grocery store built in the area and have access to fresh food (there is currently only one store to serve a district of 50,000 people), to improve the academic performance index scores of our public schools, to create an economic development enterprise zone to provide job opportunities, and to open a health clinic in the community. The hope is that this model will help empower residents to begin to organize for better.

Participating Teams:

Team Moxie

Councilmember-At-Large Blondell Reynolds Brown
Natasha Andrews, Interim Executive Director, Girls Inc of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey
Alex Peay, Founder and President, Rising Sons
Kellan White, Constituent Services Representative, Councilwoman Reynolds Brown

Team Moxie believes that inner city youth are among those who are most affected by policies and priorities in the City of Philadelphia, but they are also the ones who have little to no involvement with local government and rarely have their voices heard on issues that directly affect them. The team is creating a Youth Empowerment Council, with the belief that early engagement in the civic process will deepen as they age. They will be nurtured into thinking not only about the future of their neighborhoods and city but their own futures as well. The council will bring together two youth from each of the city’s council districts to follow an established curriculum that will help the young people develop academically but also allow them to regularly discuss the issues facing their respective communities and to help formulate potential solutions. Priority issues include education, public safety, unemployment and small business to development, opportunities for minorities and women, and the environment. With the support of elected officials and staff, the hope is that these solutions will be incorporated into the council agenda and actually put into practice.

Participating Teams: