Environmental – About the Committee

///Environmental – About the Committee

Environmental – About the Committee

The EC Environmental Committee comprehensively addresses environmental concerns and opportunities in the Second Supervisorial District particularly in the areas of environmental justice, water and energy efficiency, and access to healthy food and green spaces. Our role is to partner with the Second District on key issues impacting the environment and health of the community and mobilize the community, provide environmental education, and engage residents with green activities.


  1. Educate and inform the community about key environment policies and initiatives impacting the Second Supervisorial District.
  2. Support the work and activities/events of the individual EC Environmental committee members and the community.
  3. Identify emerging environment and health issues in the Second Supervisorial District and determine how to influence and develop policy.


  • Promoting the Environmental Science Center and all related programming
  • Making environmentalism understandable/relatable to everyday community members
  • Hosting workshops on environmental issues impacting the Second Supervisorial District

Click here for a printable version of the Environmental Committee fact sheet.

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