Arts & Culture – About the Committee

///Arts & Culture – About the Committee

Arts & Culture – About the Committee

The Arts & Culture Committee of the Empowerment Congress is dedicated to improving the quality of life for LA’s residents by celebrating the richness and diversity of the arts in the Second District. We share cultural resources, ideas and information by bringing together arts and cultural organizations, artists, educators, and stakeholders. We recognize that supporting and developing meaningful arts programs and engaging residents in cultural resources, will provide arts education and economic development opportunities, strengthening and sustaining our communities.


  1. Collaborate and link the Second Supervisorial District office with the community through the Empowerment Congress Arts and Culture Committee.
  2. Educate and inform the community about key arts and culture policies and initiatives impacting the Second Supervisorial District.
  3. Support the work, activities and events of the individual EC Arts and Culture Committee members, organizations and the community.
  4. Identify emerging arts and culture issues in the Second Supervisorial District and determine how to influence and develop policy.


  • Promoting awareness of arts and culture as a driver of economic development
  • Supporting collaboration and resource sharing among arts professionals
  • Promoting arts activities such as the Arts Tune Up
  • Hosting workshops on arts and culture related issues such as professional development
  • Advocating for an arts and culture policy framework that addresses needs of the Second District artists and cultural practitioners.

Click here for a printable version of the Arts & Culture Committee fact sheet.

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